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Welcome to One Drop Aussies!

Welcome to One Drop Aussies – formerly known as Hi-Fi Aussies North.  Please look around and enjoy your stay!

Why the name One Drop?

Originally our dogs shared a “kennel name” with our good friend Sally Treat and were collectively known as Hi-Fi Aussies.  As the years went on neither Sally nor I had bred any dogs under this name and the significance behind the meaning somewhat faded.  Additionally the kennel name was registered by another person with ASCA which sort of sealed the fate of Hi-Fi Aussies as they were originally known.  As a result of all of this I recently started looking for a new name for mine and Jack’s dogs specifically – one that could potentially serve as a kennel name someday but definitely one that also worked well as a “team name” for our competition dogs.  Hi-Fi didn’t really fit that bill.  I wanted something that was truly connected to Jack and I.  Jack and I both love reggae music and spending time in the islands.  It’s safe to say that both of our iPods are filled with at least 50% reggae (mine quite a bit more).  It’s through reggae that the One Drop name came about.  Of course most folks will assume the name is about disc dogging cause to be honest… if we only had routines from here on out with only one drop that’d be awesome!  The real inspiration however is that One Drop is the name of the beat used in roots reggae – a beat made famous by Bob Marley and the Wailers drummer Carlton Barrett.  It’s that exact beat that draws me to reggae for reasons I can’t explain.  It also happens to be the name of a reggae band based out of California that we like so that’s kind of a bonus!  So… there you have it.  The story behind the name!